The Dowd Report

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Table of Contents

Cover Page

I. Introduction

II. Summary of Report

III. Results of Investigation

A. The Rose-Gioiosa-Peters Betting -- 1985 And 1986

B. The Rose-Bertolini Betting

C. The Rose-Janszen-Chevasore/Val Betting -- April, May 1987

1. Paul Janszen and Danita Marcum Are Introduced to Pete Rose

2. Janszen and Marcum Attend 1987 Spring Training with Pete Rose

D. The Rose-Janszen-Peters Betting -- May, June and July 1987

E. The Rose-Janszen Debt Dispute

F. Other Subjects Covered in Pete Rose's Depsoition

1. Rose's Relationship with Joseph Cambra

2. Rose's Role in the January 1987 "Pik-Six" at Turfway Racetrack

3. Rose's Role in Winning the January 1989 "Pik-Six" at Turfway Racetrack

IV. Documentary Evidence

A. Pete Rose's Betting Sheets

B. Paul Janszen's Betting Notebook

C. Ron Peters' Betting Records

D. Analysis of Betting Records

E. Other Records

V. Summary of Betting Activity in 1987

A. Rose Betting Chronology For the Period April 8 - July 5, 1987

1. Betting with Chevashore

2. Direct Betting with Val

3. Betting with Peters

VI. Guiding Legal Principles

A. Circumstantial Evidence

B. Witness Credibility

1. Personal Interest of the Defendandt in the Outcome of the Trial

2. Testimony of Informant

3. Testimony of a Witness Convicted of a Crime

VII. Summary of the Evidence

A. The Key Evidence

B. Summary of the Testimony of Ron Peters

1. Summary of Corroboration of Peters' Testimony

C. Summary of the Testimony of Paul Janszen

1. Summary of Corroboration of Janszen's Testimony

D. Analysis of Rose's Testimony In Light Of The Evidence

VIII. Acknowledgement

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