This is a collection of articles and tools I compiled in the late 1990s. Most of these were not written by me, and are used with the permission of the author unless otherwise noted.

Some of these articles are temporarily unavailable. Please click here to see an archive version of my Sabermetrics page.

The field of research has advanced dramatically since these items were originally collected. This should not be considered an authoritative reference source.



  • Nelson Lu’s RC/27 reports – a look at measuring a player’s value above replacement level
  • MLEs (minor-league equivalencies) – Are minor league stats a good
    precictor of major league performance?
  • Protection – Does it exist? (David Grabiner)
  • The Protection Mini-FAQ (David Marasco)
  • Clutch Hitting – Do some hitters perform better in clutch situations?
    (David Grabiner)
  • Evaluating Negro Leaguers FAQ (David Marasco)


  • Similarity Scores – Dan Levitt created this Excel worksheet for calculating how similar two hitters are. Includes all of the data
    needed to run. (Only updated through 1998)
  • Brock 2 is a projection tool created by Bill James to project a player’s future performance.
    • Source code and documentation
      by David Grabiner
    • Spreadsheet versions by Bob Collins – Excel 97, Excel 5.0, Quattro Pro
  • Source Code for Lineup Optimizer